Our company's wood products insect, anti-termite, effective help you reduce insect infestation. Good flame retardant properties, avoiding unnecessary disasters. High water and moisture resistance avoids the woodwork as expansion deformation problems, environmental pollution, as well as natural wood feel, we are your best choice.


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If you choose our products, we will provide you with the most sincere service, free samples and installation designs. Whether you encounter any problems during the purchase or installation process, we will ask you 24 hours online at any time to resolve, knowing that you are satisfied. We are ready to accept your proposal.


Project case

Our products have diversity, and sold to different countries and regions, it is possible to provide a different case works as a reference for you. You can learn they buy products and designs. Our high-quality products flooring, siding, fencing, and some customers for hotels, gardens, shade landscapes, gardens, squares and so on.

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Lucky you can visit our website, when you're not using our product, you might not believe how our products are excellent. But we have a different real-world examples to prove to you.

Our hot products include wood flooring, siding, fencing, outdoor landscape series, diy floor, etc. If you need other wood products, you can contact our customer service staff, she will give you answers.

When you choose an indoor or outdoor floor when our choice is the best, we have different colors and designs, you can also play to their imagination and creativity to install the product. Our products are manufactured using a special process, maintenance-free, the color will not fade over time, but, still so beautiful.

If you really want to choose durable wood products, then, do not hesitate, we have SSTIC certification ISO9001 and ISO14001. American ASTM standards and test CE safety requirements.

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wpc deck

wpc deck

wpc deck

wpc deck

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